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    Welcome to Montana Farm and Ranch Business Management, LLC's website. Here you will find information about our company and the consulting services we provide. You will also find a growing collection of tutorials on a variety of topics of interest to progressive farmers and ranchers. We are here to serve the farmer and rancher who is focused on … [Continue Reading]

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    Whether you are looking for one on one training so you can use QuickBooks or Microsoft Office more efficiently, you want someone to do your bookkeeping for you, or you want to use cutting edge financial analysis tools to make the most of your opportunities, we are here to help. Start with an annual membership which will give you access to all parts … [Continue Reading]

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    Montana Farm and Ranch Business Management, LLC is a newly formed business services company focused on serving the agricultural community in Montana with accounting, computer, financial analysis, training, and planning services. Our financial analysis services utilize the University of Minnesota's Center for Farm Financial Management's FINPACK … [Continue Reading]

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Financial Analysis

Solid financial analysis is critical to financial survival in the upcoming decades.  FINPACK makes financial analysis useful to producers.  It takes cash basis income statement data, asset and liability lists, and production data and gives you back accrual-adjusted financial statements in a format that makes sense to you. It also calculates … [Read More...]

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Bookkeeping Services

Our experience as trainers has shown us that it is often best for farm or ranch businesses if the owner-managers do their own bookkeeping.  While that is often the ideal situation for many businesses, it is not always the best answer for everyone all the time. If your business would benefit from bookkeeping services, Kristin Aus can help you.   … [Read More...]

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Computer Training

We have decades of combined experience teaching the computer and software skills farmers and ranchers need to be more efficient today.  You don’t need to be a computer scientist – you need to be able to get your work done.  That work includes keeping your accounting, production, and other records on your computer.  We’ll help you be more efficient … [Read More...]

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